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At the centre of our Football Club is the welfare of our players

Any issues concerning safeguarding children are to be addressed immediately to our Club Welfare Officer (CWO).  It is not our responsibility to decide if abuse has taken place, but if we have concerns, it is our responsibility to act and report those concerns.

The club seeks to ensure that best practices for player welfare across all forty-plus teams are applied consistently by all coaches. The way that Prosper FC attract, recruit and retain the most appropriately skilled coaches to fulfil the tremendous demand for children wishing to join the club is critical.

Most people who get involved in football do so for all of the right reasons; however, it’s important that football recognises its responsibility to safeguard and protect children and young people who are involved in football. Responsible Recruitment procedures help to screen out those people who are not suitable to work with children and young people. Prosper FC believes that football should be safe and enjoyable for all children and has Criminal Records Checks (CRC)  to help in this process.

The club website is here to provide coaches and parents/carers alike with access to information policies and procedures along with the clubs’ ethos and code of conduct.


The Welfare pillar of the club needs to be adequately resourced with Assistant Club Welfare Officers of all age groups. If you would like to volunteer and gain qualifications and skills that can help you in your workplace and career, please contact our CWO.

Welfare Documents

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